A Catering Company that Covers London and Kent

Barbarellas catering is a family run outside catering business that has traded under the same name for over 45 years. We have a vast knowledge and experience within the highly competitive catering industry .We pride ourselves on our excellent high standards of cuisine, presentation and service.

Barbarellas is not just a corporate caterer; we also cater for private parties, weddings and are funeral catering specialists.

We have kept our popular menus, added new menus and changed some menus so that the range of food and services we supply reflect the trends in the multi cultural eating requirements of today’s modern society.

Barbarellas can cater for religious beliefs like Halal meat catering in south London, and most allergies to include gluten and wheat free meals, just call us for more information.

Barbarellas believe in fairness and respect to our planet, which is why we now use fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance produce wherever possible. As these markets grow, so will the range of produce we will be able to provide our customers with.

Barbarellas also support our local producers, whether it be sweet and juicy Kentish Gala apples, free range eggs or fresh crisp salad cress from our local farms in Kent, after all Kent is the garden of England.

We believe that the less our food has to travel to reach us, the less pollution is produced. Unfortunately it is the nature of our business to use delivery vans, being a catering delivery service, however we can minimise the pollution we produce by controlling the road miles we drive and reducing the size of engines in our delivery vans.

For example each of our vans will deliver on the most economical mileage route possible to our customers and also collect the previous days equipment from that area.

We will endeavour to replace all of our future vans with environmentally sustainable vehicles.

We believe in working in an efficient kitchen environment as this produces a higher quality product for our customers and reduces waste. We always have and always will monitor and regulate our stock very carefully minimizing any food waste that is produced.

However, we will endeavour to look at more responsible ways of dealing with our food waste in the future, such as composting or using a wormery.

All of our food is delivered on recyclable platters which we then collect to be cleaned and re - used, we always recommend to our clients that this is the most sustainable process rather than using disposable items that are then sent to land fill sites.

We currently have a 90% recycling rate and the other 10% is bio degradable, so that we will hardly leave a footprint on our planet.

Please support all at Barbarellas in their endeavour to help save our planet.

If you would like to see our environmental Policies, just call the office

For further information or if you would like a quote please do not hesitate to call Emma on 07717 173 107 We look forward to taking your call.


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